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SAFE Circuits Technology Co.,Ltd

SAFE Circuits Technology Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2011. It is established by experts in the PCB industry. It is one of the professional and efficient PCB express service providers in China. Since its establishment, th…

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  • Ten layer PCB board

    Ten layer PCB board

  • Eight-layer first order HDI board

    Eight-layer first order HDI board

  • Four layers PCB board

    Four layers PCB board

  • ROGERS4350B high-frequency plate

    ROGERS4350B high-frequency plate

  • Four layers PCB board

    Four layers PCB board

  • Four layers PCB board

    Four layers PCB board

  • PCB 6 layer board

    PCB 6 layer board

  • Ten layer PCB board

    Ten layer PCB board

Select the 4 core values of the circuit

Advanced equipment and advanced process capability.

PCB production equipment and SMT production equipment with sophisticated full process. Maximum layer 30L maximum plate thickness 7.0mm. Maximum thickness ratio 10:1 maximum copper thickness 6OZ. The maximum worksheet size is 2000x610mm and the thinnest 4-layer board is 0.33mm. Minimum mechanical hole/welding disc 0.15/0.40mm drilling precision +/-0.05mm. PTH aperture tolerance +/-0.05mm minimum line width/line distance 0.05/0.05mm. Minimum package: 0201 BGA foot distance: 0.3mm QFP foot distance: 0.3mm.

Stable quality

Plate, liquid medicine, ink, copper ball and other raw materials to choose the big brand products.
Board: sheng yi, Rogers, Arlon, Isola, Omega, Nelco, etc.
Potions: Rohm&Haas; ink: Taiyo; dry film: Dupont.
Implement quality PDCA cycle process to continuously improve product performance. Strict compliance with IPC standard to ensure the quality of shipment quality is 100%.

Quick response

Quick response, the fastest data review speed and quotation reply. Advanced PMC and Internet + big data management system, the delivery period is ahead of the industry; The fastest delivery time is 24 hours. The delivery rate is as high as 99%.

Considerate service

regard customer as eternal partners, common development, just pick the prestige, don't pick the customer, regardless of client size, in the case of customer needs, all can the initiative door-to-door service, including but not limited to, on-site technical communication; Personalized customization and consultancy services: pre-sales DFM support, sales and after-sales service to reduce costs, save time and optimize products; Flexible service: if the customer's project changes of emergency, such as: project obstacles, change, suspend, extension, urgent to speed up, we will be urgent need of the client, want to think of the client, do our best to help customers solve problems, reduce loss or propel the development of the project.

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service hotline

+86 0755 27055569