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What is a copper substrate?


What is a copper substrate?

Copper substrate is one of the most expensive in the substrate metal, thermal effect is better than aluminum base plate and the iron base board are a lot of times, suitable for high frequency circuit and high and low temperature changes in large area and precise communication equipment heat dissipation and the building decoration career.

Generally, there are gold copper substrate, silver-plated copper base plate, tin copper substrate, copper oxide substrate and so on.

The copper substrate circuit layer requires a large capacity of carrying capacity, so the thickness of copper foil should be used. Thermal insulation layer is copper substrate center location techniques in the center of thermal components in 3 oxidation 2 aluminium and silicon powder and epoxy resin filled polymer composition, thermal resistance is small (0.15), viscoelastic functions, excellent thermal aging, can accept the mechanical and thermal stress. Copper substrate metal layer is copper substrate support components, requires high heat conductivity, usually copper, suitable for drilling, punching and shearing and cutting practices such as machining, the metal layer (block) mainly plays a role of cooling grounding, shielding, perhaps, because the function of the copper and aluminum and corresponding processing technology, PCB can copper substrate has more functions than aluminum plate edge.

1. The thermal conductivity of the copper base is twice the aluminum base, and the higher the thermal conductivity, the higher the thermal conductivity, the better the heat dissipation function. ,

2, copper base can be processed into hole metallization, and aluminum cannot, metallized hole is necessary for the same network, make the signal has excellent grounding function, secondly copper itself be welding function, makes the planning structure of late device can choose after welding.

3. The copper base of the copper substrate can etch the precise figure and process it into a convex platform. The components can be directly attached to the convex platform to achieve excellent grounding and cooling effect.

4, because elastic modulus difference between copper and aluminum, copper elastic modulus is about 121000 mpa, the elastic modulus of aluminum 72000 mpa), copper substrate corresponding degree of warping and increases than aluminum plate is small, the overall function is more safe.

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