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It is the key to determine the quality of LED aluminum substrate.


It is the key to determine the quality of LED aluminum substrate.

One, the appearance, whether the product front has the appearance of scratching the copper surface, whether the ink is inferior, whether according to the ink proportion to allocate.

What is the thickness of copper platinum for the line? Whether the line of the product is limited by other metals (or other metal paste type printed), the circuit decides that the product is an unaffordable current,

Three, insulation layer, the insulation layer of this product chooses which kind of resin perhaps other insulation layer, what kind of insulation layer decides the thermal conductivity of this product. The insulation thickness of the product is not the same as the thickness of the insulation layer.

Four, aluminum, how much is the thickness of the aluminum, the product is pure aluminum, whether through anode processing, the purity of aluminum are not identical, coefficient of heat transfer is not the same, whether in production was etched water corrosion, circuit board is not just a line, how long is the product of choice in, is safe, just like human blood vessels are the same.

LED aluminum substrate consists of circuit layer, thermal insulation layer and metal substrate. Circuit layer (that is, the copper foil) generally formed after etching printed circuit, make component parts are connected, in general, greatly current-carrying circuit layer pleaded with talent, then we should use thicker copper foil, 35 microns to 280 microns thickness in general;

Thermal insulation is the address of aluminum PCB substrate center skills, it is usually made up of special ceramics fill special polymer, thermal resistance is small, viscoelastic effect is excellent, with thermal aging talents, able to withstand mechanical and thermal stress.

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