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PCB design software PRTOEL 99 se features and functions.


PCB design software 99se features.

The features of 99se are as follows:

1. Convenient search function, can easily find files stored in the design database.

2. Enhance the selection function, select the primary device in the schematic diagram, and the same device will be selected in the PCB board.

3. Generate electrical connection network tables in more than 30 formats.

4. Powerful global editing function.

5. Operating schematic diagram and PCB at the same time, allow two-way cross-check element, pin, and network label between the opening schematic diagram and PCB diagram.

6. The hot spot capture function of the device pins in the library is convenient to identify which end is the electrical connection end.

7. The port and drawing entrance functions add the vertical port and the bottom of the drawing entrance.

8. Rich input and output functions.

9. Protel99 se PCB can design 32 signal layers, 16 inner layer and 16 machining layers. In the layer stack manager, you can define the plate layer structure, and you can see the stereo effect of layer stack.

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