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Printed circuit board design detailed step and design method.


Printed circuit board design process includes drawing circuit schematic diagram, planning printed circuit board, component package, component layout, automatic wiring, manual adjustment, saving output, etc. The following is the design process of printed circuit board.

(1) draw circuit diagram principle.

This is the basis of circuit board design, mainly to complete circuit schematic drawing, and generate network report.

(2) planning circuit board.

Before drawing board, the user should make preliminary planning for the circuit boards, including setting circuit board of physical size, with several layers of circuit board, components, such as encapsulation and installed so far, it determines the framework for back of the printed circuit board design.

(3) setting parameters.

It mainly sets the distribution parameters and wiring parameters of the components. Usually these parameters select the default value of the system, or they can be set without modification.

(4) package of components.

The so-called element package is the appearance of the element, each of the components loaded with printed circuit board should have corresponding package, so that the circuit board can be guaranteed normal wiring.

(5) component layout.

After the PCB is programmed, the components can be put into the bezel of the circuit board, and the automatic wiring function provided by protel 99 SE can be used for automatic wiring of the components.

(6) automatic wiring.

Protel 99 SE provides a powerful automatic wiring function, which can automatically wire the assigned components. In general, automatic wiring will not go wrong.

(7) manual adjustment

After the automatic wiring is completed, the user can adjust the special components to ensure the corresponding rules, so as to ensure the anti-interference of the circuit board meets the standard.

(8) save the output.

The final design of the printed circuit board is completed after the wiring of the components and the correct adjustment is made. Then the drawing is printed and the output is saved.

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