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How to calculate the copper thickness of PCB PCB?


      The hole on the circuit board is generally divided into copper hole and no copper hole. The main function of copper hole is to locate and install. Generally, it belongs to a larger hole, with more than 0.8mm. And has a hole belongs to general plug-in or hole, one of the most common PCB hole should be via (guide hole), plug-in aperture is bigger than a hole size, hole generally above 0.5, based on the embedded capacitors, resistors, socket and so on components. And CLP hole conduction effect, small aperture is general, common aperture 0.3 below, along with the increase in precision plate, product functional requirements, PCB layers increase, the aperture is smaller and smaller, the smallest aperture is 0.1 mm. You need laser drilling. It is necessary to have copper leather to guide through the hole, so the copper thickness, saturation and copper quality naturally become the key to the later work of the circuit board. Generally speaking, the hole copper wall of Pcb board requires a thickness of 10um-20um, and the current requirement of a large number of products may require more than 25.4um. Since the copper is electroplated in the later stage, unlike copper, which is brought by the raw material, the quality of the hole copper depends on the production and processing of the late circuit board factory. The length of plating, the quality of plating line and so on. Generally, it is required to make the copper plate with saturation, and it is hoped that the time can be given enough on the electroplating line, otherwise it is not enough to make the hole copper. Besides, the copper ball also requires pure haste, otherwise it will cause the blister. The hole copper is not enough to cause the circuit board to interrupt the work process, or burn it.

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