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Business philosophy

Create maximum value for customers - help customers save investment, provide customers with complete solutions, recommend the most suitable products to customers and not the most expensive products.

Respect employees' personal pursuit -- enterprises care about their employees, employees will better serve customers, and better service will bring more value to the enterprise.

Enterprise vision

China is assured of PCB enterprises.

The implementation base of technological innovation.

High quality service manufacturing partners.

Quick response to industry pacesetter.

Purpose of the enterprise

The customer and the enterprise develop together -- only the enterprise that sincerely CARES about the customer development, helps the customer development, can get the customer's support, realizes own leap!

Employees and businesses grow together -- there is no shortage of companies, only people with talent! The personal pursuit of employees is integrated into the long-term development of the enterprise, so that the material life and spiritual life of employees are constantly improved.

We advocate: happy work, happy life, common prosperity and disgrace.

The pursuit of win-win

Create a win-win body composed of customers, employees and enterprises, and the cycle repeats itself.

Corporate values

The interests of the customer first; Product quality first; The company's performance target is the first;

Marketing awareness.

Whether it's administrative personnel, production personnel, sales staff, or even cleaners, there is a sense of marketing, and the era of simple product sales is over. Production, sales, and service all want to ponder the question from the perspective of good sales, to guide the work, the company platform to set up a production and marketing unobstructed, hard to set up a team.

Code of conduct

The combination of social services, corporate services and personal growth.

It's not good for the company, not for the company.

It's not good for team unity, not for team unity.

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