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Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Dear clients:

As one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China, we have been committed to continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. In order to evaluate our product quality, delivery time and customer service performance, we expect our respected customers to take time out of their busy schedule to complete the following customer satisfaction questionnaire. Your valuable comments and comments will be discussed at our quality management review conference and will ultimately drive our service level further.

Please rate the performance of our factory according to the following standards:(please select the check boxes under each score!)

5: very good, 4: good, 3: general, 2: poor, 1: extreme difference, N/A: not applicable.

If the problem does not apply, please select "N/A" in the score column. In addition, if your company's other suppliers perform better than us in some projects, please note its name (if applicable).

If our score on a particular item is only 3 or less, can you indicate the reason? We strongly look forward to analyzing the reasons and developing improvement measures so as to continue to improve your satisfaction.

Thank you very much for your time and effort to fill out this questionnaire! We would appreciate it if the table could be returned to us within one week.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Best regards

saifu circuit co. LTD. from

5minute 4minute 3minute 2minute 1minute N/A
1. The quality of PCB meets your requirements.
2. Good packaging of PCB and complete product information.
3.Quick and efficient handling of quality complaints.
4. Quality improvement actions are in line with your needs.
5minute 4minute 3minute 2minute 1minute N/A
1. Meet the agreed delivery date.
2. Provide timely delivery information.
3. Inform you when the delivery plan changes.
4. Provide accurate delivery status to customers.
5. Rearrange the delivery plan with certain flexibility.
5minute 4minute 3minute 2minute 1minute N/A
1. Good attitude.
2.Replying to your inquiry in time.
3.Comply with the promises.
4. Solving problems quickly and effectively.
5minute 4minute 3minute 2minute 1minute N/A
1. Able to provide technical support to you quickly.
2. Explain the reasons for the problem in minute.
3. Familiar with product knowledge and process technology.
4. Be able to actively follow up your questions until the problem is solved.
5. Able to effectively process engineering data confirmation.
5minute 4minute 3minute 2minute 1minute N/A
1. Prices are competitive.
2. Quick quotation is timely and efficient.
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